The Automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally. India’s passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturing industry are the sixth largest in the world.

With this growing pace of the industry, we have geared up our capabilities and follow the mantra of INNOVATE TO CREATE to provide automotive components and systems with customized and unmatched innovative solutions.

We at TEXSPIN® bring together our advanced, latest computation and instrumentation technology to accurately simulate, test, and develop systems for varied applications.

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Our Vision is to establish TEXSPIN® the benchmark for India's bearing industry. We aim to create value through innovative and technological, procedural, and product solutions that foster teamwork. We intend to become the supplier of choice by offering superior products and services and creating value for the customers.


Our mission is to be the world's leading & Trusted supplier of Bearings, Technology Solutions and automotive components to all industry segments. In every aspect of our business, we aim to grow through continuous improvement, openness, and social responsibility.

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We are an organization with disruptive innovations that are complemented by a commitment to our aggressive research and development. One of the top Indian bearing manufacturers, TEXSPIN®, produces more than 450 distinct types of bearings. With the growth of the automotive and industrial industries, we are proliferating. We are committed to developing the bearing industry's immense potential.


We believe it is essential for indigenous technologies to engage with global benchmarks. We've founded TEXSPIN® to facilitate a firm faith in the notion of synergistic enhancement. At TEXSPIN®, we believe that bringing together breakthrough ideas and creating responsible innovations reinforces our core philosophy in creating cutting - edge solutions.

We believe that distinctive and bespoke technological solutions can evolve from the confluence of specific expertise and global benchmark requirements. To reinforce this steadfast trust in the concept of synergetic enhancement, we laid a strong foundation of TEXSPIN®. TEXSPIN®'s team is passionate about responsible innovation to reinforce our fundamental concept of creating unique Solutions.

MR. Chunilal Makwana
MR. Bhupendra Makwana
MR.Dipen Makwana
Managing Director
MR. Vishal Makwana



1961 YEAR

Established modern OEM & export production plants


1962 YEAR

Textile Bearing manufacturing commenced


1965 YEAR

Automotive Bearing Manufacturing Officially started


1968 YEAR

Mr. B.C. Makwana become the co-founder of TEXSPIN®


1972 YEAR

Constructed a new facility to ramp up production capacity


1974 YEAR

Commenced first OE sale to TELCO (TATA) with Kingpin Bearing


1981 Year

New Production Range Commenced with Clutch Release Bearing


1993 YEAR

Quality Certification from TUV, ISO, QS, and TS


1996 YEAR

Established modern OEM & export production plants


2004 YEAR

Set up OEM and export direct marketing


2005 YEAR

Makwana Family held 100% of the shareholding


2006 YEAR

Established TEXSPIN® Brand Aftersales Network


2014 YEAR

Built new facility for Clutch Assembly, Concentric Slave Cylinders, and other items


2021 YEAR

Commemorating 60 Years

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Business Events

Business Events

TEXSPIN has embarked on a remarkable automotive innovation journey. Our presence and contributions have been pivotal, showcasing a commitment to advancing the automotive landscape. From noteworthy achievements to groundbreaking moments, TEXSPIN's trajectory reflects a dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the automotive sector.


Experience life at TEXSPIN, where the vibrant tapestry of celebrations weaves a sense of camaraderie throughout our workplace. Here, the spirit of festivity not only brings joy but also serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation. Experience a dynamic environment where the synergy of celebration and innovation defines the unique essence of life at TEXSPIN

CSR Activities

CSR Activities

At TEXSPIN, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply ingrained in our ethos, reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact on society. Through a range of initiatives, we prioritize environmental sustainability, community welfare, and ethical business practices. From supporting local communities to implementing eco-friendly measures, TEXSPIN's CSR activities embody our dedication to creating a better and more sustainable world.



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