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TEXSPIN®'s emphasis on R&D bolsters the company's steady growth and ensures it will bring significant enhancements to meet the stringent standards of the automotive industry.

The R&D department is equipped with software innovation for designing and accurately recreating, researching, validating, testing, and fostering frameworks for a variety of applications.

TEXSPIN®'s reputation is focused on showcasing its substantial commitment to design, engineering, and technological advancements. We provide concepts and bespoke designs for both light and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles. In an effort to provide the best experience possible to our customers, we augment our design services by building prototypes that are tested internally and made readily available to

DESIGN & Technology

The core competency of TEXSPIN® resides in its wide spectrum of acquired skills and infrastructure.

By virtue of our comprehensive acquaintance with the technological requirements of the automobile industry, we are competent to provide our customers with cutting-edge technical products and solutions through a symbiotic upgrade of indigenous breakthroughs and global benchmark standards.

TEXSPIN® places a strong emphasis on technology products, sub-systems, and frameworks that provide improved solutions. By providing innovative specialised products and solutions, it is committed to being an industry development partner for the automotive industry.

To analyze and validate the product design, TEXSPIN® also uses cutting-edge dynamic validation methodologies with advanced software.

Identification and development of pertinent "Platform Technologies," especially for automotive, industrial, and other products on existing markets, whose efficiency and advanced technologies better match cognition and competitiveness. The designs of TEXSPIN® have reached zero PPM and have been acknowledged and appreciated by the leading OEMs in the industry. The automobile sector has affirmed TEXSPIN® designs for their high-quality products. TEXSPIN®'s design and development technology center also offers project management services, i.e. project development, for product-market support for the Automated Assembly line, Testing & validation equipment, and Rigs.


The testing and validation capabilities of TEXSPIN® for its current and future products are a spectacular testament to its Research and Development Center.

More than 20 specialised bearing test rigs, including grip discharge, kingpin, steering, angular contact, and taper roller bearing test rigs, are included in the testing facility's overall setup. We have the expertise to categorize bearings as well as the capability to design a test rig for your specific application.


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Design & Development

Designing is TEXSPIN®'s forte, and we use application engineering to constantly innovate and provide the finest solutions.

Manufacturing Technology

TEXSPIN® has developed infrastructure and competence over the decades, and we provide our customers with specialised technological products and solutions.


TEXSPIN® has quality control procedures in place and takes its quality policy extremely seriously. The quality of the manufactured products are periodically audited by our customers.

Research & Development

TEXSPIN®'s Research and Development centre is committed to serving as a customer's development partner.

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Business Events

Business Events

TEXSPIN has embarked on a remarkable automotive innovation journey. Our presence and contributions have been pivotal, showcasing a commitment to advancing the automotive landscape. From noteworthy achievements to groundbreaking moments, TEXSPIN's trajectory reflects a dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the automotive sector.


Experience life at TEXSPIN, where the vibrant tapestry of celebrations weaves a sense of camaraderie throughout our workplace. Here, the spirit of festivity not only brings joy but also serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation. Experience a dynamic environment where the synergy of celebration and innovation defines the unique essence of life at TEXSPIN

CSR Activities

CSR Activities

At TEXSPIN, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply ingrained in our ethos, reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact on society. Through a range of initiatives, we prioritize environmental sustainability, community welfare, and ethical business practices. From supporting local communities to implementing eco-friendly measures, TEXSPIN's CSR activities embody our dedication to creating a better and more sustainable world.



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