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Testing & Validation

Over the decades, TEXSPIN® has established a significant and dedicated Testing and validation facility, where all products are tested and validated in accordance with the stringent standards defined by TEXSPIN® Engineering.

TEXSPIN® is committed to developing comprehensive expertise to Test and Validate diverse products and systems in order to achieve product excellence by challenging existing technological developments over time.

TEXSPIN®'s testing & Validation facility complements its quest for new technology and innovation with advanced bearing and subsystem test rigs for Clutch System, Steering System, Transmission System, Axle System, and Suspension System testing.

Test rigs to simulate customer applications and specifications are our strength. Our testing and validation engineers surpass industry standards to complete the final level of the product qualification, which requires precision and competence.


R&D combines cutting-edge tools to design, recreate, dismantle, validate, test, and develop frameworks for diverse applications.

TEXSPIN® strives to surpass automotive industry standards. About 1,500 people are currently employed by the 60-year-old company, all of whom contribute to the company's value- and innovation-centered culture, are involved in the assembly and manufacturing of The product, and are knowledgeable in Quality Systems like QS 9000 and TS 16949.


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Design & Development

Designing is TEXSPIN®'s forte, and we use application engineering to constantly innovate and provide the finest solutions.

Manufacturing Technology

TEXSPIN® has developed infrastructure and competence over the decades, and we provide our customers with specialised technological products and solutions.


TEXSPIN® has quality control procedures in place and takes its quality policy extremely seriously. The quality of the manufactured products are periodically audited by our customers.

Research & Development

TEXSPIN®'s Research and Development centre is committed to serving as a customer's development partner.

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Business Events

Business Events

TEXSPIN has embarked on a remarkable automotive innovation journey. Our presence and contributions have been pivotal, showcasing a commitment to advancing the automotive landscape. From noteworthy achievements to groundbreaking moments, TEXSPIN's trajectory reflects a dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the automotive sector.


Experience life at TEXSPIN, where the vibrant tapestry of celebrations weaves a sense of camaraderie throughout our workplace. Here, the spirit of festivity not only brings joy but also serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation. Experience a dynamic environment where the synergy of celebration and innovation defines the unique essence of life at TEXSPIN

CSR Activities

CSR Activities

At TEXSPIN, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply ingrained in our ethos, reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact on society. Through a range of initiatives, we prioritize environmental sustainability, community welfare, and ethical business practices. From supporting local communities to implementing eco-friendly measures, TEXSPIN's CSR activities embody our dedication to creating a better and more sustainable world.



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