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TEXSPIN®, the flagship company, is the world's leading 'Full Product and Service Supplier' of Automotive Bearings. We are India's foremost manufacturer of clutch bearings.

Since commencing operations in 1961, TEXSPIN® has surpassed a significant number of milestones and has evolved into a global bearing specialist with manufacturing facilities in India.

TEXSPIN®'s OEM customers include the world's top passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers. TEXSPIN® broadens its product portfolio by offering innovative designs and specially designed solutions.

"By introducing self-centering Clutch Release Bearings for the tractor segment, our company was the first in the world to do so, effectively extending the lifespan of tractor bearings. We have invented and patented 'Thrust Pad' in Kingpin, which has been introduced to the Truck segment for the first time ".

Our main emphasis is on technological components and systems that include new, customised solutions. We are equipped with the most up-to-date computational and instrumentation technologies to precisely simulate, test, and create systems for a wide range of applications in meeting the requirements of all OEM's.

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Clutch Bearings

TEXSPIN® is significant in the global automotive industry. It is the leading manufacturer and supplier of clutch release bearings to the domestic automotive industry. We have developed and introduced the patented 'Thrust Pad' in Kingpin for trucks.

Clutch Assembly Kit

For the Indian automotive industry, TEXSPIN® is the technological front-runner in clutch solutions, with more than 60 years of ground-breaking technological and innovative innovation in this field. We are the first bearing manufacturer to introduce self-centering clutch release bearings for the tractor segment, which doubles bearing life.

Transmission Bearings

TEXSPIN®'s distinguishing feature is the manufacturing of exceptionally critical and niche technological transmission components, of which the company is the only manufacturer in the country. TEXSPIN®'s OEM customers include the world's foremost Passenger Car & Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers.


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Steering Assembly

TEXSPIN® is unparalleled in its knowledge of steering bearings due to its vast experience in developing highly innovative solutions for steering system segments. Today, TEXSPIN® is one of the few automotive bearing manufacturers capable provide the front-line design and engineering, dual-shore manufacturing capabilities, and full-service supply capability for all major OEMs.

Wheel Bearings

TEXSPIN® has carved out a manufacturing niche in the Wheel Bearings and Wheel End Hub Units segment, one of the most enduring and demanding industries. it enhances its product portfolio by providing innovative designs and specially designed solutions. We specialise in providing cutting-edge technological components and systems with bespoke, unrivalled inventive solutions.

Suspension Bearings

In the domestic automotive industry, TEXSPIN® is the leading manufacturer and supplier of suspension thrust king pin bearings. It has implemented its engineering prowess and decades of experience to the design and development of thrust kingpin bearings in order to offer technologically superior products and services for suspension applications.

Transaxle Bearings

When it comes to the differential and transaxle in a rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle, TEXSPIN® has developed an exclusive solution to one of the most enduring and critical operating systems in the transmission system. We are equipped with cutting-edge computing and instrumentation technologies in order to accurately simulate, test, and develop systems for a broad range of applications in effort to match OEM's requirements.

Centre Bearings

TEXSPIN® has created highly unique and technologically advanced sealing solutions for this application, preventing contamination within the bearing and extending its service life as a result.



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