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With over 50 years of experience, TEXSPIN® has become well regarded as a development partner to automotive manufacturers and OEMs, for the production of specialised solutions to meet specific needs. We provide a wide range of bearing products to customers in India and Europe.

The company was established in 1961 by Honourable Founder and Chairman, Mr. Chunilal Makwana. He started out by manufacturing bearings primarily for the textile industry and this was how the company’s name, ‘Textile Spinnings’ originated. Subsequently, he entered the business in the early 1970s and very quickly managed to change the direction of the business. Since then, the company has also been a supplier to the automotive industry, with both segments growing substantially until around 15 years ago, when focus shifted onto automotive applications. “Automotive” now represents around 95 per cent of our business.

Established in 1961, today TEXSPIN® is one of the major contributors to the automotive industry which has carved out a niche for itself as a provider of unmatched innovative solutions and products to the automotive industry.

We design and produce bearings for numerous applications, supplying to domestic market in India as well as many major manufacturers and OEMs around the world.