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Mr. Chunilal Makwana, a thorough Technocrat who founded TEXSPIN® in 1961, was a visionary with impeccable Technical skills and vision of business processes and opportunities. He finished school at the age of 14 years and had to start work due to tough social circumstances. With his brilliance in technical and manufacturing abilities, he was offered to join a business as a working partner at the age of 20 years, following which he envisioned his own Company and founded TEXSPIN® in 1961 at the age of 32. With a humble beginning of a total of 4 machines in a 500 sq. ft. factory shed, TEXSPIN® went into production with jockey pulley being the first product which was manufactured for the textile industry.

Mr. Chunilal M. Makwana

Mr. Chunilal M. Makwana,
Hon. Founder

Mr. Bhupendra Makwana, a brilliant mechanical engineer formally joined TEXSPIN® as a co - founder in 1968 to further the company into the next level of manufacturing activities. He established the new Manufacturing plant adjacent to the first TEXSPIN® building and further introduced modern Manufacturing machines for grinding and super finishing operations. His vision on modern Techniques has propelled TEXSPIN® to be the front runner in terms of technology which is in-house built and further developed Technology for precision Bearings.

Mr. Bhupendra C. Makwana

Mr. Bhupendra C. Makwana
Hon. Co-Founder

Mr. Dipen  Makwana

Mr. Dipen Makwana

Mr. Vishal  Makwana

Mr. Vishal Makwana